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Bussines Model

The mission of our business as an LNG Commercialization Agent (AC) in Colombia, is to purchase and import LNG in order to satisfy the requirements of Prime Termoflores S.A.S E.S.P., Termocandelaria S.C.A. E.S.P. y Termobarranquilla S.A. E.S.P.; according to the conditions stablished in CREG Resolution No. 062 of 2013. In addition, Calamarí LNG along with SPEC LNG (Sociedad Portuaria El Cayao) are currently developing related Business Units taking advantage of seasonal demand. The above in pursuit of obtaining benefits such as an increase in LNG tankers traffic, better prices due to economies of scale, inventory turns to optimize the LNG quality, as well as to promote the LNG market development in Colombia and the Caribbean.


Acquisition and Import of LNG (LNG Procurement)

Acquisition and import of LNG, is currently the primary service Calamarí LNG provides to its existing customers, fulfilling with total satisfaction all the requirements performed. This service includes total representation of LNG purchase in international markets, as well as the commercial and operational management with SPEC LNG on behalf of our customers, in order to ensure timely compliance with LNG supply according to its demands.


Bunkering service is offered by Calamari LNG, to supply barges and cargo trucks that are capable of transporting LNG on small scale for its further distribution in the domestic and international market. This is done by a direct transfer of the liquid from the FSRU, to tanks on the barges and cargo trucks.


We also offer a cool-down service which consists of the transfer of LNG, to ships that require the cooling-down of its tanks in order to reestablish its operational conditions, and therefore, be able to deliver its next shipment in due time. Within this service, Calamarí LNG provides all the related logistics from the moment the ships arrive at port at the SPEC LNG terminal, including LNG supply needed for the operation.

New Markets- Small Scale

Calamari LNG focuses its efforts in the development of new markets on small scale, due to its strategic geographic position, which allows the terminal to function as a "HUB" where LNG can be commercialized in both, small and large scale.

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